Watch the Movie

Watch the movie, Sammy the Journey, the story of how a 4-year-old boy in Poland survived two concentration camps during World War II and went on to inspire children from all over the world with his positive nature.

Part 1 of 10 – “Life was beautiful when I was a child.”

Part 2 of 10 – “I’ll be alright.”

Part 3 of 10 – “That was my last vision of my whole world.”

Part 4 of 10 – “Bodies are swinging. The moon was full.”

Part 5 of 10 – “I can still see the boot coming at me.”

Part 6 of 10 – “I was in a line to be taken away.”

Part 7 of 10 – “So I was thinking nothing but good thoughts.”

Part 8 of 10 – “I never want to look at my suitcase again.”

Part 9 of 10 – “I’ve been lucky all of my life.”

Part 10 of 10 – “If you can make it, Mr. Harris… So can I.”