Introducing the Filmmakers

Filmmaker, photographer and musician Eric Cosh started his artistic career with the famous New Christy Minstrels singing group. Writer and artist Ellen Palestrant has published numerous books, including, "If You Can Make It, Mr. Harris... So Can I."

SAMMY THE JOURNEY to be featured at the Sedona Film Festival

26 Jan
Sedona Film Festival 2

SAMMY THE JOURNEY is both an official selection of the Sedona International Film Festival and the kickoff to Festival Month! This 90-minute documentary tells the story of one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. Sam Harris (“Sammy”) not only survived but he thrived. Watching SAMMY THE JOURNEY is indeed a life-transforming experience – a journey into brightness for all…

A HOLOCAUST TRILOGY: Sculptor Dede Harris

14 Apr
Holocaust Trilogy Art

Eric Cosh and I are pleased to announce that the DVD we produced of Narrative Artist Dede Harris’ work, A HOLOCAUST TRILOGY, is now available. When Eric and I first saw Dede sculptures depicting three different concentration camps, EBENSEE, AUSCHWITZ and THERESIENSTADT and then read the three accompanying books, we immediately knew that we wanted […]

SAMMY THE JOURNEY: An educational documentary about the Holocaust with many timely messages

21 Jan
Goodness can prevail

Child Holocaust Survivor, Sam Harris’ story of positivity and optimism in the face of horrendous cruelty, is both inspirational and worthy of serious contemplation. It is also urgent and important because, tragically, the sadism, depravity, and repelling cruelty of the Nazis and their colluders during the Second World War is still abundant today, in many […]

Sammy the Journey DVD

Every now and then, we encounter an individual who will affect our lives profoundly and forever. This person is Sam Harris, the Sammy of the movie: SAMMY THE JOURNEY, produced by Eric Cosh and Ellen Palestrant. This 87-minute documentary tells the story of one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust who hid in two different concentration camps from the ages of seven to nine-and-a-half, because, if found, he would have been killed. Sam Harris, the visionary behind the building of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Learning Center and currently President Emeritus, not only survived but he thrived. Watching this movie is indeed a life-transforming experience.

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